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About Us

During the years we have been more and more convinced that we have to be personally involved to contribute and support the children’s care and education.  We are highly driven by Albert Einstein’s quote: “Give back to the world at least what you’ve received”. We will be proud to have given a (better) future to some children and additionally educate the local community to take care of their children. As a side benefit 2care2share provides work to some adults in the community.

One of the key elements was also that our future projects must be driven by local people.
We have discussed with Simon and Mary about the situation of children in Arusha and more specifically for the orphans.

Simon had an old house on his land that could be used as a first step to create an orphanage.
We realized that we had found the project we were looking for and decided to support the orphans in need in Arusha region, Tanzania. That was the start of 2care2share.

Building a better future for orphans in Tanzania, providing care and education

Mette and Jean-Philippe

With several travels to Tanzania we have fallen in love with the country and its people. However, even if we have witnessed improvements in the country over the years, the level of poverty remains high. Not all children have the chance to get a proper education, which is the key to build a better future. In January 2017 we went back on Kilimanjaro, and connected very well with Mr.Simon Mwamba. We discussed intensively, how to make a difference.

Mary and Simon

Simon and Mary grewup in Tanzania. Knowing education is key. They are committed to making a better future for the children in Tanzania. They believe if 2care2share can succeed in the community, they hope, it spreads. They are dedicated to change the future of the children, who otherwise had a limited future.

Our Mission

The Team

From the left: Mette (fund raising and compliance), Simon (Local Manager), Paulina (Matron), Mary (Operational Manager), Herieth (Operational staff), Jean-Philippe (fund raising and compliance).
Simon is over-all local responsible, ensuring local compliance, liaising with local authorities, and bringing new children on-board.
Mary ensures all objectives of the day-to-day care is met. Further she is directly involved with the staff and the kids every day. If need for a doctor visit Mary will be there. Mary ensures food shopping and clothes, and that 2care2share meets the standards we have set.
Paulina, left in August 2019 as she returned to studies. Florence has replaced Paulina. Florence is there to support the children with homework, provide care and support the development of the children. Further Florence ensures evening bath and a nice ambience at bed time and being there during the night.
Herieth ensures good food, clean clothes and clean home.  Further Harriet assist in the morning preparing the children to go to school.
Gertrude, not present, joined 2care2share as the number of children grew.

2care2share ASBL

2care2share ASBL has been created in June 2017 and is registered under Luxembourg laws (trade register number: F11362).

2care2share ASBL aims to raise funds from individual contributors, companies, foundations and public organizations or governments.


Our objective is also to find sponsors for the orphans and create a long-term relationship between a contributor and a child.


As an organization 2care2share ASBL is totally independent regarding philosophical convictions, religions or political parties.

The sole purpose of 2care2share ASBL is to finance 2care2share Trust in Tanzania.  The respective role of the 2 organizations is ruled by a partnership agreement.

2care2share Trust

2care2share Trust is created in Tanzania under the legal name “Lead for human care and share organization”. 


The registered office is at Arumeru District, Arusha region.  The board is composed of 5 members: Simon Singo Mwamba, Mary Flavian Massawe, Hosea Obed, Herieth Aminiel Kayaa and Veronika Massawe.

The objective of 2care2share Trust is to manage locally the projects funded by 2care2share ASBL, make sure that our common goals are reached and that a viable local structure is built for the long term.

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