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Our Projects


The Orphanage

Several children are orphans, living in the streets with no perspective for a better future. They have either no parents or disabled parents, who cannot provide for their children. We decided to operate an orphanage, where the children are being properly taken care of and get the opportunity to go to school.


Our first project was therefore to renovate and equip the house to welcome 20 orphans.


As per today we have established a full orphanage from bottom: This includes one room for 10 girls, one room for 10 boys and for each of them bathrooms with shower and toilets to ensure good hygienic standards. Further a common room has been prepared. Additionally we have secured electricity, water supply and security. We have established a shelter, ensuring the children can be outside in strong sun and in rain season. Additionally the garden has been maintained, and children games installed.  A laundry machine has been bought and an outside kitchen is constructed.

Four staff will take care of the children 24/7.  Beside the satisfaction of the basics needs, the children will be offered attention, care and activities that will bring them closer to a normal life.  They will also be provided with medical care and individual health insurance.

Long Term Education

We consider that it is key that when we welcome a child we accompany to the first steps of her/his young adult life, until she/he can become autonomous and integrated in the local society.  We want to help the children to build their future and doing so, give in return to the Tanzanian society.
The official primary schools are providing education in Swahili only.  However, secondary schools are in English, meaning that most children will fail and not finalize their education.
Therefore, by financing the school fees, 2care2share ASBL will offer the possibility for the orphans to attend a private school. By providing a better education in English as from the maternity school, private schools increase significantly the chances of success and opportunities for the children.
All children are enrolled at Arisha Meru International School.
Beside its good reputation, we appreciate that the value that the school are giving to the children, namely on harmonious and peaceful society, gender equality and the fight against corruption. .




We are dedicated - hoping to raise funds ensuring the orphanage can offer the opportunity for 20 children. We hope, we succeed.
We plan to extend and secure the orphanage permises, enabling us to split boys and girls (legal requirement at a certain age) and to establish IT and study room.
We are further working on establishing a vaccination program offered by a Belgian doctor. 
Hope our dream is your dream!
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