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Sponsor a child

Why sponsoring a child?
The global situation of children is poor: 3 out of 4 children in Tanzania are affected by poverty. (UNICEF 2016)
The situation of the orphans is worse!
They suffer of lack of love, respect and simply all what a parent-child relationship is bringing: lack of basic needs, food, medical care, clothes; lack of education limiting any future. They are exposed to the risk of being misused or abused.
Each of our orphans has their individual sad story. Abandoned from birth or soon after. Parents died of HIV, Tuberculosis, traffic accidents, being disabled, being mentally deceased or simply abandoned the child.
One of our objectives is to find sponsors for the orphans and create a long-term relationship and a commitment between the sponsor and the child.  By their support the sponsors helps one orphan to develop with education, securing a safe life and building a future.  The goal is to bring them to the adult age with high ethical values and professional competencies.
Why high quality education?
We consider it is key, when we welcome a child, we accompany her/him to the first steps of her/his young adult life, until she/he can become autonomous and integrated in the local society. 
We want to help the children to build their future and doing so, give in return to the Tanzanian society.
The official primary schools are providing education in Swahili only.  However, English is mandatory in secondary school, meaning that most children will fail and not finalize their education.
Therefore, by financing the school fees, 2care2share ASBL will offer the possibility for the orphans to attend a private school. By providing a better education in English as from the maternity school, private schools increase significantly the chances of success and opportunities for the children.
We are working with Haradali school (  We have met the Director in January and November 2018.  Haradali school has a partnership with universities in Denmark and Sweden in order to improve the quality of education provided.
At the end of secondary school, the success rate is close to 100% for the children continuing their studies either at university or at any other professional schools.
How your sponsorship makes a difference?
Sponsorship means you commit to make a difference – Your sponsored child will be provided, not only with the daily living and care, but also an education, that allows her/him to be autonomous when  being adult and to bring back her values and contribution to the local society.
You will secure all the child's direct costs.
Total costs to ensure a child a safe day-to-day with caring and education are split as indicated in the table below (staff and other operating costs of the orphanage to be covered by other donations).
How will the sponsor follow his/her child’s progress and life?
2care2share ASBL is getting regular update and will share with the sponsor.
The sponsor will be provided with achievements from the school. Representatives from 2care2share will visit 2care2share in Tanzania on at least twice a year, sponsors will be debriefed.
Sponsors are welcome to visit or write to their sponsored child. Furhter video calls can be organised.
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