2care2share ASBL, Siège: 8, Rue de Hobscheid, L-8422 Steinfort.  Numéro RCS F11362 - contact@2care2share.org ®

Give a donation

Join us in making it a better world
We need your help for financing​
  • food for the children.
  • medicine  and health care for the children.
  • furnitures for the orphanage.
  • school fees
  • school accessories for the children.
  • games, toys, and
  • staff carings for the children
Beneficiary: 2care2share ASBL
Bank: BGL BNP Paribas
USD  LU05 0030 5151 4315 1000
DKK  LU17 0030 5151 4320 2000
EUR  LU90 0030 5151 4310 0000
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